Wine Cork Trivets

Yet another great idea for putting to use of wine corks is wine corks trivets, they are just simply remarkable looking, functional, and attractive. The basics are pretty much the same as making a cork-board.

You will certainly need a thick frame, like a photograph frame. In case you know people that work with wood you can produce a rounded framework which will create your.  Don’t overlook that you need to have a wood panel behind so that you can easily glue the corks on to it in a way that you like. Also think about the things you will certainly use the trivets for and the type material to use on the backside so that the trivet won’t scratch or slides off the table.

Also you can make a trivet without it having a frame; it can have a backing of any kind to glue the corks on.




Trust me when I say that the trivets definitely do look exceptional as and you can easily give them as gifts to your wine loving friends you will be greatly appreciated for taking the time to hand-craft  the present.