How to make a Wine Cork Cork board

One great idea that is very useful and cool looking is wine cork corkboard using old wine corks that you have saved or you can buy some over the internet.  You can Use the Cork-board in the kitchen or in your office or in your kids bedrooms and they can decorate them however they want.

How to make your own Cork board Tutorial

This is a small tutorial on how to make your own.

First of all you will need a frame wood or metal. You can either buy one or make it yourself it`s not a pain. It will be your own decision choosing the size of the frame, the type of wood and the color.


Next you will also need a backing board that could come with the frame or you can use cardboard, frame boxes.

Next we will have to glue the wine corks. Here comes the fun part, you can glue the corks in any pattern you want, you can use the same types of corks or use different types. Also another trick you can try is to cut the corks in half and you can reduce the number of corks you need to make the cork board. Yet it looks far more amazing using a whole cork.


One problem here is that not all the corks are the same size so take care when choosing the corks.


Make any design you want, crosshatch them, make them go in 1 direction possibilities are endless.


As for the glue you can either use a tacky or a hot glue, after you glue the corks make sure you let it dry long enough before you hang it.  And there you have it a fun cork-board that you will use for years. Be Creative!