Wine Cork Charms (Share & Tutorial)

June 29, 2016 - Comment

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Thanks for watching!


Dee Grevan says:

Besides Christmas tree decorations, what do you do with the charms, I mean
for what purpose do you use them?

Her Eve Lazım says:

Nice job :)

Lisa Renee says:

what are the pins called?

Ellen Keagy says:

Thank you, your video was very informative and fun!

Rebecca Aguilar says:

Superb video. This really gave me several ideas. Thanks a bunch.

HeyPeji04 .Anime. says:

You can also just get corks from wine bottles like i got from my dad

Brenda Byrd says:

This tutorial had to grow on me.
I didn’t like the fabric on the corks at first. Now. I LOVE IT!!!
Can’t wait to try it. Thanks. 

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