how to make a cork bead with verday paint

September 23, 2016 - Comment

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cork bead


Jeanie Streat says:

I enjoyed your video as much as I enjoy a glass of good vino. You are
direct and to the point without a lot of unnecessary chatter. This will be
our next girl project. (Senior girls that is)´╗┐

Sherie Mcclelland says:

i cant wait to try these´╗┐

Kathy Gledsdale says:

Now I know why I drink, so I can make loads of these lovely beads like your
gorgeous ones! Thanks for sharing this idea.

Cheryl Darrow says:

We miss the banter too, but sometimes we run out of time and people want us
to get to the freakin’ point and less banter, and then most want us to just
talk…what are ya gonna do!

Cheryl Darrow says:

Great question Cindy and we need to elaborate on it. You can spray the
paint right after you paint it on a surface. However, if you don’t want the
back to show through…in the case of the cork I didn’t care….then you
should paint, let it dry, add more paint, spray patina. If we told everyone
up front to just splat some paint down and spray it at the beginning, they
wouldn’t add enough paint, too much this, too little of that…you get the

Cindy Marlow says:

I’m a little confused…now you don’t have to have a dried base-coat? You
simply spray the wet first coat? When did that happen?

leenagain says:

Totally cool! I gotta go find some wine. For the project, of course! Hic!

handgathered says:

Love the project, miss the banter. Oh how I miss the good old days when you
two worked together on a project.

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