More Way’s To Use Wine Corks In Crafts

Crafts with wine corks can be very fun and provocative but also very useful.

You can use the wine corks for holiday decorations Christmas or Easter, home items, gifts, bottle holders, trivets, cork boards, ornaments, cards holders, key ring, bulletin board, cork mat, cork tray, cork board, complex artwork, wreath and it doesn’t stop here.

We’ve put together some great idea’s to get you started.


wine corks smiling ready for crafts


 Quick and Easy – Make a Wreath from Recycled Wine Corks




Utilize those corks you have actually conserved making a decorative wreath for any type of season

It’s time to drag out that collection and also produce something interesting. How about a wreath with a spin? Maybe just the thing to finish your wine-country look– a symbol of fantastic friendliness, great memories with friends and family as well as all the best as well as prosperity for the future. Do not have adequate corks? Not to worry– ask people you know– family members, next-door neighbors or local dining establishments to save them for you.


10 Simple Wine Cork Life Hacks




How To Make a Wine Cork Key Chain




In the above video you will see how to make a quick and easy up-cycled wine cork key ring with a beaded charm.



Marilyn Monroe Portrait Made of Wine Corks




DIY Room Decoration Ideas, Furniture Makeover Idea





See amazing furniture makeover ideas,
Wine Cork Art,Furniture, Wall Art Ideas.





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